vCloud VM console unavailable Thursday 23rd February 2023 - 14:37

At this moment, we are experiencing problems with: vCloud VM console.

The cause of the incident is currently: Unknown

We have taken the following actions to resolve the incident: Our engineers are currently investigating the issue in order to resolve this incident.

Estimated time of repair: Unknown.

Impact: Due to the current incident on our vCloud environment customers are unable to access the VM console.

Support: Should you need console access please contact us so we can help you out via a work around! Our support department is available for more information and personal updates. New updates will be posted here. More details about how you can contact our support can be found here.

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vCloud VM console access has been restored

After further troubleshooting together with VMware, the solution was found in a combination between VMware and another different component. This solution has been succesfully tested in our lab environment. Preparations are in progress to roll out the solution to the production environment, including a rollback plan.

Once a date has been chosen for this maintenance we will send out a maintenance announcement.

Our engineers have identified the issue and will begin with emergency maintenance efforts shortly. Degradation is still expected during this time.

Degradation is still expected. Our engineers are currently testing a possible fix.

Service only partially degraded, no direct critical impact though engineers are still working on the issue.

Our engineers are still troubleshooting the issue.